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For the Seven Oaks friends, there is always something to do. Whether they're singing along with Pokey Porcupine's harmonica or playing soccer with Jumper Rabbit, everyone is having fun and learning all sorts of things. These seven stories show how practicing the 7 Habits makes this possible for the whole Seven Oaks Community.  From learning how to take charge of their own lives to discovering how balance is best, the Seven Oaks friends have tons of adventures and find out how each and every kid can be a happy kid!   Additional reference guide on pdf offer with audio book.

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Alice in Wonderland
Young Alice leads an ordinary sort of life until, one day, she follows a rabbit down a hole and embarks on a series of adventures with some of the most weird and wonderful characters anyone has ever encountered! She soon discovers that nothing is ordinary in Wonderland - least of all the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, the Cheshire Cat, the Duchess and the Mock Turtle.
Through the Looking Glass
Alice sees another world in the looking glass and wishes she could go there - but when her wish comes true she embarks on a game of chess like she's never known before! Her aim is to become Queen of the Chess Board, and in order to achieve It she takes counsel from Tweedledum and Tweedledee, Humpty Dumpty, the Lion and the Unicorn and a very helpful gnat.
Alan Bennett's delightful readings beautifully complement the sparkling wit and intelligence of Lewis Carroll's enduring children's classics.

2 hrs 40 min


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Unlock your child's imagination with not just an audiobook but an epic audio adventure, featuring music, characters and sound effects that will have your child captivated.
You will get:
1. Samuel & The Pirates... Samuel and his Brother Joshy accidentally stow away on a pirate ship and find themselves in the centre of a desperate hunt for treasure!
2. Princess Ella... Our heroine gets lost in a forest only to find that she is mistaken as the Fairy Princess by a little man who leads her into a magical world full of fairies, goblins and giants only to be crowned the Queen of the Fairies!
3. Maisy The Amazing Cowgirl... It's down to Maisy to cross the desert at the dead of night to get her horse back from Big Bad Bob, but is she brave enough to deal with what stands in her path?!
4. Alfie's Brigade... Alfie and his crew of fireman get a call up from head quarters to pilot the brigade's first ever Fire Jet!!!
Each story is of a perfect length to keep your child entertained in the car, as a bedtime story and the parents find them equally as entertaining...
Don't forget that volume two will be just around the corner so follow @Audventures on Twitter and perhaps your child will feature in the next instalment!

1 hr 2 min


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A true classic, a search for America's soul, is given the reading of a lifetime by one of America's finest actors - two - time Academy Award winner Jack Lemmon. Floating on a raft down the mississippi with Jim, an escaping slave, Lemmon's Huck finds adventure, danger and a cast of characters who are both menacing and hilarious.

Produced in a simple manner that allows imagination to soar, Mark Twain's marvelous enduring wit will charm the entire family. Destined to become an instant classic, this audiobook will help introduce your family to the unique pleasure of classic literature

2 hours


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One day, Stan and Jan Berenstain were captured by a family of bears. It was a family of three -- an overenthusiastic Papa whose high opinion of himself was exceeded only by his ability to do silly things (often placing himself in jeopardy from bees, skunks, low-hanging branches, whales, irate farmers, etc.), a wise, steady Mama with a firm grip on reality, and a bright enterprising little boy cub.
For more than forty years, the Berenstains' delightfully enchanting stories of this trio have charmed children, and now they can enjoy them listening to the authors read the best of their hilarious tales.

1 hr 30 min


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This audio version is an investment you will not regretThis is especially
true because of the cadence used by the narrator, Frederick Davidson. The Oxford-groomed voice of this Englishman takes its time with this book; you can drive in stop-and-go on the freeway and never lose the thread. Los Angeles Times
The marvel of this timeless tale of adventure and utility verges on the inexpressible. The book begins with the restless longings of young Robinson Crusoe for travel and adventure and climaxes with the ultimate fusion of mans resourcefulness with the agents of nature. The remarkably realistic account of the marooned Crusoes ability to make himself an endurable existence in his solitude bespeaks Defoes genius for lifelike fiction. Its message argues a strong case for the concept of individualism.
Frederick Davidson is a recipient of the Golden Voices Award and numerous Earphones Awards. After performing for years in many BBC radio plays, he came to America in 1976. He has narrated more than eight hundred audiobooks.
11 hr 30 min


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