M & E's  Owl Project
                                      Dissecting an Owl Pellet
Begin with an owl pellet. You can find an owl pellet at the base of trees where owls perch.  If you locate an owl you have to check the base of the tree daily .
Below is a picture of what an owl pellet looks like. Scroll down and you will see descriptive pictures of the dissection.  Wait till you see what we found!

1.       Owl pellet


2.       Using a tooth pick and a pair of tweezers to separate hair from the bones.


3.       Wearing gloves is important to protect from germs.

Christmas 2008 225.jpg

4.       Some of the bones are very small.


5.       Be very gentle with the bones because they are very fragile.

Christmas 2008 227.jpg

6.       We separated the bones that look the same.

Christmas 2008 228.jpg

7.       These look like teeth, amazing what owls eat.

Christmas 2008 230.jpg

8.       These look like leg bones

Christmas 2008 232.jpg

9.       The bones are now all separated into groups.

Christmas 2008 235.jpg

10. They are the bones of an animal that the Barred Owl ate.

Christmas 2008 237.jpg

11. We think the Owl ate a Mouse or a Rat

project 003.jpg

12. The bones look a lot like a Rodent skeleton.

project 004.jpg

13. Our Owl dissecting project 

Taaaa Daaaaa!!

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