Voyageur Lesson Links

I spent some time with my kids talking about the Voyageurs.  When I was little I lived with a family that loved the Festival du Voyageurs. We went every year to celebrate them.  My favorite part was the snow sculptures, singing and maple taffy.  
When you see how your children remember the lesson it brings you a feeling of success. See the little video of my girl remembering one of the songs that were sung by the Voyageurs while Canoeing.  
I hope you all enjoy the links below.
Alouette Song

 We started the lesson learning the Alouette song. It is very interesting what the song actually means.  Alouette is a Sky Lark that they used to pluck for the traders for money.  The Voyageurs would be hired because of their fast work.  They were known to be singers while they work.  They sung while canoeing on the rivers to keep in sink and move faster as well.  Alouette is about plucking the bird. "Alouette" informs the lark that the singer will pluck it's hear, nose, eyes and wings and tail. Now it is sung to teach children French words for parts of the body

Click here for more details.  

Fort Williams Historical Park  Fort Williams is one of the largest living history attractions in North America.
Watch the IntroVideo with the kids.  I am sure it will get them excited.
North West Journal
Finger Weaving a Sash
This site gives you instructions on how to make a Voyageur Sash.  You will know if your child will be able to do this.  
Finger Weaving
More Finger Weaving links Below are some more site that you can look through to find the right way for you to learn how to Finger Weave.
Voyageur Arrow Head Sash
Native Tech
Franco's Pattern (Great Pictures)
Shelagh's Weaving
Virtual Finger Weaving
Rendez- Vous Voyageurs Interesting information on the Voyageurs Clothing and such.
Singing Alouette
1 year after learning about the Voyageurs