Home Economics for Kids.......................


                                                                                                                                                                  Cooking With Kids

First Step
- Safety
  • When teaching children about safety in the kitchen, give a tour of the kitchen.
  • Talk about what is safe and not safe.
  • Follow the Safety Chart.
  • Download the Chart and put it up in the Kitchen for the kids to see.

Second Step -  Teaching the kids how to use the Appliances

  • Look at the appliance and tell them what it is used for. example: Stoves for cooking Mac and Chees and Ovens for Cakes or a Mixer for beating eggs.  
  • Step by step show them how to turn it on and off and talk about temperatures, speeds and again Safety.

Third Step - Food Preparation

  • Read  recipe and explain how to get all the ingredients out and measured before you start to cook. This way you will know if you are missing anything.  Explain how some ingredients can be optional or replaced. ( like Chocolate chips)
  • With children it is a good idea to have plastic bowls and wooden spoons.  Accidents are no fun and broken glass is dangerous.

Fourth Step
- Cooking
  • Talk with your children and explain thouroughly the folowing list.
  • When cooking Cakes or Cookies or other recipe's that use the oven - teach the kids how to use a timer and make sure they know how to use the clock along with the timer.  This is important because food can burn quickly.
  • Never leave the stove on to go watch TV.
  • Never depend on a timer alway use the clock along with the timer.  
  • Don't open the Oven too much when cooking because this could cause a cake to flop. (this means the cake will not rise properly)
  • Jumping around the stove could also cause a cake to flop.
  • All the above explainations apply to stove top cooking.

Last but not Least

Think Safety and Have Fun